Creating a BMI Calculator in Java for Your Pet Potbelly Pig

The topic I will be covering today in this blog post pertains to our adorable potbellied friends. Yes, you guessed it – it’s about creating a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator in Java targeted mainly at pet owners who want to keep an eye on their potbelly pig’s health. After all, obesity can pose a serious health risk to these cuddlesome creatures. Now, without much ado, let’s dive into the coding session.

First, let’s understand the program’s logic before moving directly to the code. The concept is straightforward: Get the pig’s weight and height, plug them into the BMI equation (weight in kg divided by height in m squared), and analyze the result. If the outcome is between 20 and 25, it implies the pig’s weight is in the healthy range. Less than 20 signifies underweight, while above 25 implies your pet might be a tad bit chubby.

Starting with the code, we need to create a class ‘PotbellyBMI’ for the BMI calculation, alongside two variables for weight and height. This would be done in the below way:

public class PotbellyBMI {
    double weight;
    double height;

    public PotbellyBMI(double weight, double height) {
        this.weight = weight;
        this.height = height;

    public double calculateBMI() {
        double bmi = weight / (height * height);
        return bmi;

With the class, constructor, and the BMI calculation method in place, you can input your pig’s weight and height to determine its BMI. An additional function can be implemented to give the status of the pig’s weight health. This is where we can analyse the pig’s BMI:

public String analyseBMI() {
    double bmi = calculateBMI();
    if(bmi < 20)
        return "Underweight";
    else if(bmi >=20 && bmi<=25)
        return "Healthy weight";
        return "Overweight";

With this code, you now own a fully functional Body Mass Index Calculator for your potbellied pig, coded in Java. You can keep tracking their fluctuations in weights and ensure they remain in the healthy band for their own well-being. This small tool could be an excellent addition to your kit for looking after your potbelly pig’s wellness. Happy coding to all pig lovers out there, and remember to keep your furry friends healthy!

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