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  • Ampacity of Different Gauges of Wire

    Here are the ampacity ratings for a wide range of American wire gauges (AWG) at a temperature of 60°C (140°F) in free air: Note that these ratings are for single-conductor wires in free air, and the ampacity of a wire can be reduced by as much as 50% or more when multiple wires are bundled […]

  • Bad Graphite Keyboard Contacts

    I was repairing my Yamaha keyboard, and I wanted to share some lessons I learned. Here are a few ways to repair a damaged keyboard contact in a digital keyboard: Graphite is often used as a conductive material in electronic contacts, and it can be reapplied to repair damaged contacts. However, it can be difficult […]

  • My Dog Training Experience

    I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing work that Diamond K9 does. Before my dog started training with you, he was a handful to say the least. He would chase FedEx drivers, and once chased one up a tree and the fire department had to come get […]

  • How many Licks

    This function calculates the volume of the lollipop using the formula for the volume of a sphere. Licks are assumed to remove an area of roughly one square centimeter, 2 millimeters deep. Finally, the function adds 2 to account for the stick and the outermost layer of candy. Enter Lollipop Diameter (cm): Calculate Licks

  • Panadiol CBD Salve

    As you all know, I’m a software developer, and I spend hours every day sitting at my computer, writing code and designing software programs. As a result, my back is constantly sore and aching. My cat is so darn cute, and provides an excellent distraction, but even she can’t block out the pain entirely. But […]

  • Home Solar System

    I have a number of 100Ah batteries connected in parallel, and I have a number of 100W solar panels operating outside. If I estimate the efficiency of the solar panels as 25% (based on daylight hours and angle of incidence), and I aim for twice the battery capacity I’ll be consuming in a day, then […]

  • Optimal Antenna Length

    This form takes a given electromagnetic frequency, and responds with the optimal antenna length in both Imperial and SI units: Electromagnetic frequency (Hz): Optimal antenna length (meters): Optimal antenna length (feet): Optimal antenna length (cm): Optimal antenna length (inches):

  • Turtle and Mouse in Java

    This is a cute little story about a turtle and a mouse where you get to enter the names and properties of the animals. It’s written in Java.