# Kaifeng: A Software Developer’s Journey

I recently had the opportunity to work on a project involving Kaifeng, a city in China. Kaifeng is a city with a rich history, and I was excited to be able to work on a project that would help to bring its history to life.

The project involved creating a web application that would allow users to explore the city's history and culture. I was responsible for developing the back-end of the application, which included writing code to store and retrieve data from a database. I used the Python programming language to write the code, and I also used the Flask web framework to create the web application.

One of the most challenging parts of the project was writing the code to query the database. I had to write code that would allow users to search for specific information, such as the location of a particular monument or the date of a particular event. I wrote the following code to query the database:

def query_db(query):
    conn = sqlite3.connect('kaifeng.db')
    cur = conn.cursor()
    results = cur.fetchall()
    return results

I also had to write code to display the results of the query on the web page. I wrote the following code to display the results:

def display_results(results):
    for result in results:
        print('Location: ' + result[0])
        print('Date: ' + result[1])
        print('Description: ' + result[2])

Overall, I found the project to be a great learning experience. I was able to gain a better understanding of how to write code to query databases and display results on web pages. I also had the opportunity to explore the history and culture of Kaifeng, which was a great experience.

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