# Recent Project with Illumined: Creating a Bitcoin E-Wallet

Recently, I had the opportunity to work on an interesting project involving Illumined, a blockchain-based technology that provides secure and reliable digital signatures. Our team was tasked with building an e-wallet for Bitcoin users. With Illumined, this could be done in three simple steps.

First, we built a user interface for people to securely create and manage their Bitcoin wallets. We created a web page with an easy-to-use personal account system that uses Illumined technology to generate digital signatures for each wallet. This allowed users to quickly create wallets, store their private keys, and securely make transactions.

Next, we worked on the backend for our Bitcoin wallet. By utilizing the Illumined JavaScript API, we were able to generate a secure public key infrastructure that enabled users to generate a new wallet, look up transactions, and securely sign Bitcoin transactions.

Finally, we connected our app to the Bitcoin network. We created a secure network layer with Illumined by embedding their code into our front-end code. This allowed us to securely send data to the network and receive transaction data back.

Overall, this project was a great opportunity to learn about Illumined and use its powerful technology to create a secure and reliable e-wallet for Bitcoin users.

// Generate a new Bitcoin wallet
let amount = 1000 // Amount of Bitcoin to generate
let wallet = new BitcoinWallet(amount);
let address = wallet.getAddress();

// Sign a transaction
let tx = new Transaction(amount, address);
let signature = wallet.signTransaction(tx);

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