Solidifying My Development Skills Through a Study of Asunción, Paraguay

I love software development. There’s always something new to learn and new skill sets to apply and refine. As a software developer, I am constantly looking for opportunities to deepen my experience and diversify my approaches. This is why I’ve decided to undertake a special project related to the history and culture of Asunción, Paraguay.

Asunción is the capital of Paraguay and its largest city. It has a rich, multi-cultural history, stretching all the way back to its founding in 1537. It is home to a variety of people, including indigenous Guarani, Spaniards, immigrants from Brazil, and many other backgrounds. This diversity adds a unique flavor to its culture, something I'd like to explore as part of this project.

My plan is to use Java and other languages to explore and discover more about its history, culture, and population. I plan on exploring its geography, architecture, and even its food. I’m also interested in the way it’s connected to the rest of Latin America. I’ll be researching its political landscape, from key figures to conflicts and more. I plan on using programming concepts to creatively present my findings.

To document my progress, I’ll write blog posts detailing the research and explorations I do each week. I’ll use

 tags to show off code I’ve written to “accentuate” my findings. And I’ll keep a gallery of retrieved images and videos that demonstrate the diversity and culture of Asunción. 

In adding this project to my portfolio, I hope to strengthen my skills as a software developer and to continue to learn and grow as I challenge and stretch my abilities. Spending time studying and developing projects dedicated to other cultures is also an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience that I can’t recommend highly enough. So I’m excited to start on this journey of discovery in Asunción, Paraguay.

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