This Project & Elanor: How My Recent Java Coding Unveiled a Creative Solution

As an inquisitive software developer and blogger, I recently engaged in a project involving Elanor, a versatile Java-based coding platform. Not only did this serve to deepen my knowledge of Java programming concepts, but it also revealed a creative solution to a problem I had been dealing with.

For starters, I created a method that located key words in a given string. This follows a basic loop structure that dutifully searches, character by character, for a predetermined sequence. Once the sequence is detected, the characters before and after it are extracted, creating a smaller substring.

// Method that finds words in a given string
public static void findWord(String inputStr, String word) {
    int index = 0; 
    while (index != -1) {
        index = inputStr.indexOf(word, index);
        if (index != -1) {
            String subStr = inputStr.substring(index-1, index+word.length()+1);
            index += word.length();

Additionally, I coded a method that displayed the average word length in a given string. Once again, this follows a simple loop structure, this time for the purpose of calculating the word length count. In the end, the count was divided by the amount of words found to yield an average.

// Method that calculates average word length
public static void averageWordLength(String message) {
    String[] words = message.split(" ");
    int length = words.length;
    int wordLengthSum = 0;
    for(String word : words){
        wordLengthSum += word.length();
    float avgWordLen = wordLengthSum / length;
    System.out.println("The average number of characters per word is:" + avgWordLen);

At the end of the day, I was able to successfully and effectively code a creative solution using Elanor and Java. Not only did this result in a useful debugging tool, but Elanor's user-friendly nature further extended my appreciation of the application. As I continue to engage in similar projects, I keep expanding upon my current knowledge of Java programming.

Overall, this project has been a great learning experience, and I can hardly wait to see what similar adventures lay ahead of me. I'm excited to bring with me the knowledge I have gained through this experience as I pursue more Java-related projects in the future.

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